(1) Opening

(2) Body leans forward.  R. palm up.

(3) Step L. Back 1st.  R. palm faces up. C.W.

(4) C.W.

(5) Body leans forward.  Thrust out.

(6) (6A) (6B) Little high horse stance.  Staff lower than shoulder.

(7) Sink slightly. (7A) (7B)



(10) C.C.W.  Lean body forward and a little lower.

From posture Dr. Wu step L. ft. back aligning the feet.  It was observed that the first time he adjusted the R. ft. to align the feet.  Step R. ft. up, next step L. ft. up front C.C.W. staff into (11).

(11) R. hand slides from middle to about body width.  C.W.

(12) Hit face.  Dragon stance.

(13) C.W.

(14) C.W.


(16) C.W.

(17) C.W.

(18) Level thrust about shoulder height. C.W. Big Circle.

(19) Arms almost straight, next drop left hand.

The incline of the staff should be angled downward more than in illustration.


(21) Slight lean forward.

(22) Drop L. hand a little.  Turn body around.

(23) Bow+Arrow.  C.W.

(24) Medium Horse Stance.  C.W. into Tiel.

(25) Tiel semi C.C.W.  Stance goes a little lower.

(26) Jieh.  Go lower w/ Horse Stance previous posture.

(27) Jah – thrust.  C.W. into next posture (splash).  Stance lower still and upper body leans a little in direction of thrust.

(28) L. Diel Bu.  Poor.  L. Hand should be at ear level.

(29) R. Hand is past staff center.

(30) Dart (level).  R. hand comes within 5″ to 6″ of the L. hand.  Low Bow+Arrow Stance.


(32) Arms out from body a little.

(33) R. hand at middle of staff.

(34) L. ft. moves behind R. ft.  Straight line.

(35) see (33).  R. ft. steps out.


(37) L. hand level w/ L. ear.  Front foot weighted.  R. heel raised.  Staff goes C.W.

(38) Do Jieh, Tiel, Jah.  C.W.

(39) Knees almost straight.

(40) Lower body a little.  R. H. moves to center.

(41) L. hand goes down.  L. toe point left.

The incline is as shown in illustration.  The feet should 1′ apart or little more.

(42) Tan

(43) Jieh

(44) Jah.  L. ft. steps to (45) in 2 ways.

(45) Pao.  Bow+Arrow Stance.

(46) Jee – press.  Past knee.


(48) Staff is pressing to knee level or lower.  Start C.W. once staff is raised to move into (49).  1st step from next posture; then move L. ft. then move R. ft.

(49) L. hand chin level.  Move L. ft. forward to start next posture.  Then, move R. ft. forward.  As stepping forward, staff makes C.W. circle.

(50) Jieh

(51) Move R. hand forward to about middle. (No Jah)

(52) Staff almost level not quite.  L. toe points L.



(55) Jieh

(56) Jah.  R. ft. steps forward as staff is circled a little above head height moving back on R. side of body.

(57) L. hand hits L. side at waist level; then L. ft. steps forward.  Not a Dragon Stance but from Chin Tai Chi.

(58) Tiel

(59) Jieh

(60) Swing to “____”



(63) Legs almost straight.  “____________________________”

(64) Tiel.  Jieh.  Jah.

(65) Jieh

(66) see (52) R. ft. step forward, front ft. weighted.

(67) Tiel.  Tan.

(68) Jieh.  Jah.  Jieh.

(69) Can do small circle C.W.  L. heel turn in a little.  R. hand moves toward staff center.

(70) R. toes point down.  Staff is a little behind and out to side.  Then R. foot steps back but not big step or a small step, followed by the L. ft. see (71).

(71) L. ft. stomp.  Tiel.


(73) Jieh.  Jah.

(74) Go down a little.

(75) Level.

(76) Repeat 70.

(77) “__” thru.  Turn body around.  L. knee almost touches ground.

(78) Staff touches L. knee.  L. hand touches R. hip.  Staff is outside (L).



(80) Staff level.  Low Stance.

(81)  See (63).  Next, L. ft. step back then R. ft.

(82) L. ft. step forward.  Then R. ft.  Tiel, Jieh, Jah, then Jieh to continue form.

(83) L. Hand only comes down then move.  L. ft. weighted.

(84) Sha.  Jieh, Jah, Jieh.

(85) Sha (Complete)



(88) Raise L. Hand.

(89) L. Hand is not higher level then L. shoulder.  Just a little lower.

(90) Staff level.  R. moves to center.  Diel Bu.

(91) Low Horse Stance.

(92) Biao – Darting.  R. Hand will move to center as L. ft. steps forward.

(93) R. Hand moves to center.  L. ft. weighted.

(94) Repeat (91).

(95) Biao – Darting.  Low Bow+Arrow Stance.

(96) Tor – dragging (Shuang Dai)  L. elbow raised.  R. arm straight.

(97) Por – wipping; splashing, low blocking C.C.W. move low/high upper “____” L. palm faces out.

(98) R. Dieo Bu.

(99) Pou – throwing upward

(100) Yar – press down

(101) See (95) – Biao.

(102) C.W. Tor.  L. knee raised, toes point down.

(103) L. ft. come back to Por, C.W. Por, R. ft. reverse

(104) Tiao – raise up staff.  L. heel raised.

(105) Foo – go low, press down, staff touch ground, feet flat to the ground.

(106) Giar – hold up above head.

(107) Yair – press down in horse stance.

(108) Biao

(109) Da.  Above head.  Staff will circle up+out to R. side.  R. arm circles up+out.

(110) R. arm extended + over L. arm out from R. side.

(111) Bay.  As begin circling R. arm around.  L. Hand lets go + then grabs.  L. ft. moves back next to R. ft. as bring staff over head.

(112) R. Hand grabs staff under L. Hand.