Li Qingyun usually read three poems by the Heavenly Master Tranquility of the Void.  He said, “If familiar with these poems, you then can understand the purpose of Mind and Nature.  It is said:

[The First Poem]
The Great Dao is not far away, it is in the human body.  Visible things mean nothing, only Nature is real.  If a person finds their True Nature, the vital energy [Qi] dwelling in the human body will return to the Elixir Field [Dan Tian], and life will be endless.

[The Second Poem]
If you seek a spiritual body, do not depart from visualizing it in the mind; otherwise the visualizations in the mind and the spiritual body will not be clear.  Dissipating the Spirit injures the bones and muscles.

[The Third Poem]
The Spirit leaves quickly and comes back quickly.  Because the Spirit returned to body, the Qi will come back too.  Practice it all the time, and the Essence, Qi, and Spirit will merge and fill the Elixir Field.  Everything returns to its source.