Four Methods of Breathing
Dantian Breathing (Qi Cultivation)
Kidney Breathing (Leg Grounding)
Microcosmic Orbit (Small Heavenly Cycle) – down front channel, up back channel
Macrocosmic Orbit (Big Heavenly Cycle) – down front channel and legs channels, up back channel and arms channel

Four Advanced Methods of Breathing
Five Streams Breathing
Skin Breathing
Three Flowers Bloom on the Head – Jing, Qi, Shen coagulate on the Baihui
Spiraling Breathing

Standing (Dantian Breathing)

Bend Knees (Kidney Breathing)

Bend Knees and Spine Stretch (Microcosmic Orbit)

Taiji Opening (Macrocosmic Orbit)

Taiji Posture and Spine Stretch (Macrocosmic Orbit and Microcosmic Orbit)

Turn Waist Swing Arms (Belt Channel)