Wudang Neigong is done before the solo sword form.

Stances 1-6 and 8 is done with feet in a shoulder width stance.  Stance 7 is done wider than shoulder width.

1. Palms up-palms down: start-hold palms approximately 10″ to 12″ from body a little above sternum level; use slight breathing, exhale down-inhale up.  Turn palms down when hands go down & palms up when raise hands up.

2. Arms/hands at shoulder level, fingers(loose)down; this like at beginning of taiji from, slight exhale down & slight inhale up.

3. Arms over head & palms face up,fingers point toward each other; arms move downward & out to each side respectively in a semi-circle to upper thigh; reverse the circular pattern moving hands back to starting point over the head.  Slight exhale down & slight inhale up.

4. Twist body side-to-side, arms hang down loosely at sides.  No special breathing, just natural breathing.

5. From initial stance, slowly raise up onto balls of feet, simultaneously inhaling, use reverse breathing.  While raising,move the arms up & out to each side respectively arcing in front of solar plexus.  The palms face out from body.  At this point, the back should be rounded and chest hollow and round.  Reverse the movements back to the starting position.  Exhale when returning to the starting position.  This is called “Tortise Shell.”

6. Hands extended to front at shoulder level palms down.  Bend down, keep back straight.  At end of bending torso,hands will face the shins(below knee level) and the will be approximately a 90 degree position.  Exhale going down, inhale going up.

7. Legs wider than shoulder width, with hands on hips. Bend upper body back, inhale.  Turn at waist when looking at left heel, then bend body up, exhale. Do to the other side.  This called “Lo Han Looks at Sky.”

8.   When turning left, exhale and look behind; when turning front inhale. Do to the other side.  This is called “Smiling Buddha Looks Back.”