Grasp Bird’s Tail

Raise Hands


Brush Knee and Push

Cloud Hands

Ward-off, Roll-back, Press, and Push

Taiji Opening

Cross Hands

Return Tiger back to Mountain

White Crane spread Wings

Monkey retreat

Single Whip

Snake Creep Down

Seven Stars

Deflect, parry, and Punch

Fist under Elbow

Fair Lady Play the Shuttle

Front Kick

Side Kick

Sweep the Lotus

Plant the Fist

Beat the Tiger

Fists to the Ears

White Snake spits Tongue

Fan to the Back

Golden Rooster Stand on One Leg

Needle to the Sea Bottom

Wild Horse Spread Mane

High Pat Horse

Bend Bow Shoot Tiger

Hungry Stork Spread Wings

Shifting Rhythm – horse, left and right, bow, forward and back, cat stance, up and down, toe up, up and down